I quit my job…… Now what?

I decided to quit my job:

I walked the 6 blocks home from my office that February afternoon on auto pilot. Tears streamed down my cheeks blurring my vision. The cold Seattle air stung my face. In a few months from this moment I would board a plane to Nepal. I somehow managed to dial my Dad, fingers trembling, and share the news. He was surprised, but in his blunt, yet supportive nature, said “Fuck it Carly.  If you’re not happy anymore move on.” My Dad knew firsthand the years of hard work I had put in climbing the corporate ladder. As well as the  massive amount of stress and exhaustion that came along with it. The 15-hour workdays. The nights, weekends & Holidays. The missed birthdays, weddings, and family vacations. I had left relationships behind to relocate states away…twice. I had worked my way from part time holiday help to leading the largest and most high profile team in the company.

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